On fighting Distraction

Other keywords: phone-dependence / phone addiction / interruption addiction

Figured out that most of the below and more are amazingly articulated in Center for Humane Technology's "Take Control" article.

  • Processes
    • remove apps
    • deactivate social accounts
    • add screen time limits
    • activate Do Not Disturb modes that don’t allow any form of instant notification, even multiple successive calls
      • you will be surprised by how infrequently or rarily something truly urgent needs you and how ppl will get very creative in reaching you if absolutely needed
    • disable unuseful notifications from appearing on home screen
    • remove irrelevant and unuseful apps from screens
    • declutter/limit the number of apps pages
    • limit number of apps/icons per screen
    • disable email notifiactions from social accounts (if necessary, leave on DMs notifiactions)
    • use social accounts from the browser vs. dedicated app
    • write through proxy services (ex: Buffer to post on social media, if absolultely needed)
  • Go out without your phone for long walks to explore, try new things
  • Be unreachable
  • Go to a book store and read table of contents, find a section that catches your curiosity and start reading it

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